New machines and dataloggers

We manufacture new soil investigation machines in a variety of sizes according to purpose. Our machines are CE certified and made to the highest standards. The starting point in our engineering design is always quality, user-friendliness, innovativeness. We manufacture all our machines as customized according to our customers’ wishes. Various add-ons and functionalities are available for machines – all ideas and aspirations are taken in considaration. All machines are designed to withstand the challenging weather conditions and landscapes of the North. Users of the new machine are trained in the use of machines and support for the use of the machine is also widely available after the deal. For more information about the different machine types, see the Machine Types tab.


We will provide you with comprehensive professional service for all soil investigation machines. Whenever possible, we try to carry out maintenance at the workplace to avoid transfer costs and save time. Long experience in maintenance work to ensure that the fault is quickly located and repaired. The large spare parts warehouse makes it possible to get the machine back to work most often immediatly. We carry out major maintenance at our factory premises in Sipoo. Our servicehangars are fully equipped with spare parts and machine tools, as well as versatile and professional staff.

Spare parts

In our stock, there are immediately available several spare parts for our own machines as well as for other machines. All spare parts on request. In addition, we make spare parts as needed, and we also develop new parts and solutions to improve machine usability and user-friendliness as well as safety. We have invested time to find the right purchasing channels to provide our customers with spare parts as quickly as possible and at a very competitive price.

Please ask us for a quote, whether it is a track, drive wheel or valves, or just the one you need.

Upgrading of an old machine

If the old machine is still working well, but would require small modifications to work better, the machine can be upgraded easily. This will increase the number of working years for the machine and save costs and reduce the environmental load. Ask about varied options.


If you need to rent a machine temporarily, ask more about the models and the available machines.

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