We have a very extensive experience of 20 years in the manufacture and maintenance of soil investigaton machines. Founded in 2008, Geoelectric Oy specializes in the manufacture, maintenance and upgrading of old machines according to customer requirements. Our company is located in Sipoo and all machines are manufactured in Finland. We serve the whole of Finland and other Nordic countries.

We always strive for customer orientation by developing our machines based on user experience and using the latest technology. Our machine is manufactured with emphasis on quality and innovation to withstand the toughest working conditions.

Our maintenance unit primarily aims to help the customer on the spot in case of brakedowns in order to avoid costly transport costs and unnecessary downtime. In addition, we have well-equipped service hangars for maintenance and a large warehouse, so even the most difficult maintenance can be done quickly by skilled personnel.

In addition to new engineering and maintenance, we are also upgrading older machines with new technology and components to better meet current requirements and aspirations. In addition, spare parts are comprehensively available, and we also make new parts and accessories according to the needs of different soil research and other machines. Rental machines are also available.

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